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ELM was born in 2011.  Based on the initials of the namesake, Eileen Lynn Morrison.  Elegant, Luxurious and Modern also fits the line. Offering affordable tabletop design to your home.

Each piece is hand-signed by the artist and wants every item to be treasured with longevity. 

Please hand wash only in cold water.              

About Eileen

The ELM, Eileen L. Morrison: 


Eileen graduated from the University of South Alabama with a BFA in art history and a minor in painting. She continued her studies at Spring Hill College, receiving an MLA with a concentration in arts administration. Eileen developed her signature design inspired by the icons of her Mississippi Gulf Coast roots: rolling waves, live oaks, and Spanish moss. These very same Mississippi roots of resilience and persistence run throughout ELM.

Eileen Morrison - President, Founder of ELM Design
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